Council email update, June 8, 2009

Hello everyone:

Here are a few notes on what's happening, and what's coming to council on Tuesday -- yes, that's right, council meeting is moved to Tuesday this week.


Just a reminder that two important opportunities for input are available right now.

The Banff Land Use Bylaw revision process:

You can check out the Phase 1 information on the website: and provide your input by email, and/or you can visit the planners at their stand when they come to your neighbourhood, and let them know what your thoughts are.  Here's the schedule:

Monday, June 9th : Squirrel & Cougar (4pm – 6pm)

Wednesday, June 10th: Bison Courtyard (1pm – 3pm)

Thursday, June 11th: Beaver & Otter (4pm – 6pm)

Saturday, June 13th: Safeway (10am – 12am)

Monday, June 15th: Moose & Muskrat (4pm – 6pm)

Tuesday, June 23rd: Marmot Crescent (4pm – 6pm)

Thursday, June 25th: Glen Avenue (4pm – 6pm)

Saturday, June 27th: Bison Courtyard (10am – 12am)

Tuesday, June 30th: Middle Springs Cabin (4pm – 6pm)

  If you want to arrange a meeting with the planners for a neighbourhood or community group, just give them a call at 762-1120.


Parks Canada Mountain National Parks management planning:


Send them an email at to sign up for a username and password so that you can leave your comments on the planning website.




Council had a facilitated meeting with BHC homeowners on May 28.  We reviewed the issues from everyone's point of view and generated some options for possible solutions.  We will have the meeting report soon, and will lay out next steps for the BHC process.




Tuesday looks like a relatively short meeting.  You can see the whole agenda package by clicking on this link: 

Here are the highlights:


Bike connections to the new Legacy Trail:


Council is being asked to divert $50,000 from the Beaver Street parking project to a new project to mark bike routes throughout the town with a pavement marking that will indicate to car drivers that this space is being shared with cyclists.  I'm inclined to suggest that we try it first on the route that will link the two parts of the bike trail that Parks is building, so that cyclists will know the safest route to travel when they come in on the trail from Canmore and wish to reach the trail to the Bow Valley Parkway.  You can see the whole report by clicking on the link above and scrolling down to page 97.


Library stats coming to council


At council's request, the library is now providing their stats to council along with the library board minutes.  Take a look at page 43 of the council package -- you'll be amazed at the numbers!


Changes to how we bill for waste collection:


To provide incentive for people and businesses to recycle and to minimize their waste, council is being asked to consider a waste utility.  Commercial properties would be billed based on the waste they produce, with cardboard and organics that are sorted out for recycling costing less that regular garbage headed for the landfill.  Unfortunately, because of communal bins, it's not possible to provide the same incentives for residential users, who will be charged a flat rate.


The report, which you can see starting on page 45 of the package, explains how this would work, and how the cost of waste and recycling would be switched from the general taxpayer to the producer of the waste.  I think this is a good approach -- take a look and see what you think!  If council agrees with this report, detailed design of the process would start and it would be implemented in 2010.